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EATOF is an international tourism association that was founded in the year 2000 by nine local governments across East Asia under the initiative of Gangwon Province. The members of EATOF, which is the only tourism association in East Asia, have been making effort to enlarge local governments and reinforce the bases for cooperation, in order to become realized as a tourism community and build foundation for a practical cooperative body. Furthermore, member countries have jointly pursued ways of strengthening cooperation among themselves by increasing and invigorating the exchange of information, in the hope of forming a tourism community in East Asia. Currently, EATOF is composed of ten local governments from ten different countries, and its secretariat is located in Gangwon Province.

At each EATOF General Assembly, the member provinces share their progress on previous agreements and cooperative efforts, discuss other ideas that could help promote EATOF projects, then sign a joint declaration and sometimes even hold press. EATOFhas been focusing on combining the strengths of each local government in order to serve a joint purpose in tourism policies and other forms of mutually beneficial cooperation, and seek for new ways of further development, such as forming a single East Asian tourism district.