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Cultural exchange between member local governments

EATOF strives for further cooperation of friendship among the member countries through participation in, and support of cultural festivities held in provinces of member countries, and promotes and publicizes the invigoration of cultural exchange. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to share and learn about the uniqueness of each others’ cultures by showing different cultural performers.

Public Relations and Overseas Marketing

EATOF’s members participate in, and publicize overseas tourism expos with the joint purpose of promoting tourism for all of the member local governments and work towards expanding tourism in East Asia as a whole. They also attend various tourism-related international events and help promote the name and boost the reputation of EATOF as an international association.

Joint PR activities

EATOF’s members will use only the most effective methods of PR, such as the website and social networking services, in order to attain the best possible results from their joint PR operations. Moreover, EATOF will publish a monthly E-Newsletter designed to help member provinces share the latest news and views on tourism more easily.