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   Supervised by the East Asia Inter Regional Tourism Foundation (EATOF) joined by representatives of member local governments of nine nations, the foundation preparation meeting for the composition of chartered ships cruise company alliances were opened with much fanfare at Yongpyeong on July 9. In preparation for the general meeting of EATOF in September, travel agents, shipping companies, airline companies related experts from each member local government, aside from the directors of the local government tourist departments, participated in this meeting to discuss matters on the establishment operations of the chartered ship cruise company alliances, as well as other necessary issues. 

  Recently, cruises have become the center of attention as &lsquoCruise Revolution&rsquo, which has grown at an average annual rate of 8.1 from 1980 to 2003. In addition, with the growing individual travel market, rapid increase of the women market silver market, programs composed on orders, chartered services are increases, therefore, this chartered ship cruise alliance foundation preparation meeting became of particularly high interest, followed with active discussions. 

  First, it was deemed that there was needed to enact an operation manual to procure a feasible sustainable development potential for the meeting thus, by agreeing with mediating the various opinions of the member local governments on the operation manual plan for the association proposed by Gangwon-do, the final basic plan was confirmed. 

  It contains matters on the main functions of the compositions, its composition members operation funds, as well as contents on maintaining mutual cooperation sustainability as a negotiating window for the local governments, forming networks, acting as a proxy for EATOF in order to promote the operations of the association. 

  In addition, by developing tour programs for the nations that held the EATOF general meeting, which is held in different areas every year, plans for visiting accommodating tourists were agreed upon, discussions were made on measures for holding seminars during the general meeting for the purpose of sustainable development of the association to promote tourism. According to the items discussed agreed upon during the prep meeting, Gangwon-do is planning to prepare an agreement prior to the general meeting, recommend members for each local government, take other necessary measures in order to prepare for the chartered ship cruise alliance by the time of the general meeting. 

  Moreover, there has been an increase in cruises in Far East Asia, such as the cruise between Donghae Sakaiminato of Japan, it is very encouraging that the chartered ship cruise alliance is being formed together with this at this time. It is expected that when the association becomes fully active, it will play a leading role in attracting potential customers for cruise tours in Asia.

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