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- Samcheok~Goseong National Route 7,  connected with 240㎣ of surrounding coastal route 

  From the northernmost-point of the East Coast at Goseong,  until the city of Samcheok, the &lsquoRomantic Road of Korea&rsquo filled  with dreams, memories romance will be established. 

  With over 1,000 participants, Gangwon-do held its  proclamation ceremony for the Romantic    Road on February 20 at the Gyeongpo Beach  entrance. The opening ceremony that began with a performance by the provincial  arts group Gangneung City Choir, Kim Jin-seon, the governor of Korea, comedian Kwon Young-chang Miss  Gangwon Miss Korea  runner up Lee Seul-gi were appointed as spokespersons. After the companionship  agreement ceremony for the Romantic    Road of Korea  between Korea Japan, the  event ended with the group of motorcyclists starting off together. 

  With the beautiful scenery surrounding the  Goseong-Samcheok national route 7, which connects Gangwon-do with 6 cities   provinces in the 240km long coastal highway, the Romance Road of Korea is a  benchmark of Germany&rsquos, which established a unique tourist route that spans  350km long connects 27 cities of the Medieval Period.

  Meanwhile, Gangwon-do is planning to develop the Romance Road as a tourist  attraction for the entire nation that includes nature, history, culture   stories, while making it with the key resources of Gangwon-do. 

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