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- New Routes from Donghae Sokcho Harbors, Commencing PR Sales to Japanese Market - 
With the opening of new routes from Donghae Sokcho Harbors, preparations are complete to pioneer into the Japanese market in order to increase the number of Japanese tourists. 

* PR Sales Activities in Tokyo Area (Near areas that the Northeast Ferry Services) 
For four days starting on July 17, Gangwon-do established a sales promotion team (director: Choi Gap-yeol, tourism marketing department director) together with resorts travel agencies in the province in connection with the Tokyo JATA exposition, which is near Niigata, an area that the new routes run to, in order to begin full-fledged PR activities. 

In this Tokyo area PR sales, PR activities were be conducted focusing on not only the Sokcho-Niigata Donghae-Sakaiminato cruise ferry routes, but also fall packages such as Chuncheon Hallyu, Seoraksan (Mt.) of the East Coast, Yangyang song-I mushroom festival Jeongseon Railbikes, Taebaek Snow Festival, etc as well as winter packages such as traditional culture, Hallyu tourist sites ski resorts, tourism seminars, performances (provincial performing arts team, Arirang class), travel agent sales calls, meetings, etc to over 300 general consumers travel agencies at the Korea Culture Center in Japan. In addition, the sales promotion team will separately visit the Niigata area, which is a destination city, in October to perform PR marketing to local travel agencies, while also performing invitational family tours in order to begin commercialization of tours for the fall winter. 

* Tottori (DBS Cruise Route Area) PR Marketing Activities 
For 4 days from September 26, large-scale sales promotion events (director: Moon Bu-chun, director of the Environmental Tourist Culture Office) together with the participation of local travel agencies institutes focusing on Tottori, which is a destination of the DBS cruise ferry. In the Tottori PR marketing event, tourism seminars will be held for travel agencies, while holding film festivals advertising Gangwon tourism to the general public. Furthermore, plans are being made for sales calls to agree on MOUs with local major travel agencies. 

In particular, PR activities will be conducted for not only the new routes, but also tourism products of the East Coast that have already been developed are in sales, while also advertising the &lsquoAlpensia Resort&rsquo that was partially opened in July, the &lsquoDMZ Museum&rsquo that was newly opened on August 14, other new tourism resources, as well as the improved accessibility through the opening of the Seoul-Chuncheon Expressway. A point to take into consideration in this PR marketing event is that it attempts to provide PR more amicably to consumers through large-scale &lsquotourism seminars PR marketing film festivals that are geared towards not only local travel agencies, but 300 residents (consumers) in Tokyo over 1,000 in Tottori. 

Gangwon-do will continue to develop various unique tourism products through the servicing of these two new East Coast routes, while also promoting the new route in advance through assertive PR marketing in order to increasingly attract more Japanese tourists.

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