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The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Bidding Committee Foundation Meeting was held on September 14, 11:00 at the Seoul Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Sejong Hall with the attendance of over 100 guests including Prime Minister Han Seung-soo, as well as other government personnel, National Assemblymen, chairperson of KOC, 78 members of the bidding committee, advisors, etc. 

At this general meeting, Prime Minister Han stated, &ldquoThrough the two separate biddings for the Winter Olympics, it has become completely prepared to host the world&rsquos best games&rdquo added &ldquoWe must achieve this time.&rdquo Prime Minister Han also added, &ldquoAll parts of the government will provide full support for this.&rdquo

Cho Yang-ho, who was appointed as the joint-chairperson, stated, &ldquoI feel a great sense of responsibility with this position as the chairman,&rdquo added &ldquoI will do all I can to win the bid for the Olympics, which is the national desire, through feasible efficient operation of the committee through a system that meets the dems of the national desires, all other capacities available such as use of the global network of Hanjin Group, based on our mind on the calling of our nation.&rdquo Chairperson Kim Jin-sun also stated, &ldquoHosting the Winter Olympics is not only a national dream, but also our responsibility, through the close cooperation among the bidding committee, government, KOC winter venue groups, we will do all we can to make sure that we bid successfully.&rdquo

The bidding committee is planning to install offices to conduct the practical operations of the committee at Seoul Chuncheon (1 director, 1 vice director, 4 offices), the KOC will submit a statement of intent for bidding to the IOC by October 15. By March of next year, it will also submit files for the cidate city to the IOC thus begin full-fledged operations for bidding according to the schedule of the IOC. Competing cities in the bid are Munich, Germany Annecy, France. 

- Submit Q&A form to the IOC: Mar 15, 2010 
- Select as official cidate city to IOC (3&sim4 cities): Jun 30~Jul 2, 2010 
- Onsite examination by IOC evaluation committee: Feb ~ Mar 2011 
- Select host city at the IOC general meeting (Durban, South Africa): July 6, 2011 

Meanwhile, on this day the government enacted the &lsquo2018 Winter Olympics Bidding Committee Regulations (Prime Minister Directives)&rsquo established the &lsquo2018 Winter Olympics Bidding Support Committee (chairman: Prime Minister)&rsquo. The support committee will screen mediate the major government policies projects related to the bidding will pursue activities for the 2018 Winter Olympics bidding for Pyeongchang from a government-wide perspective.

On September 1, the president stated, &ldquoThe Winter Olympics is a national agenda that must be hosted, the government will provide more support than ever,&rdquo with such follow up measures at the bidding committee foundation meeting, the government support system was constructed immediately, can be deemed to signify the government&rsquos strong motivation to win the bid successfully. 

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