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The aim of the action is to make tourism more popular to attract tourists from other regions of the country to the territory

 VLADIVOSTOK, May 5, Last weekend on the Theatre Square of Petropavlovsk in spite of bad weather a holiday was conducted, devoted to closing of &ldquoTourism Days&rdquo in Kamchatka, as the territorial government press service reported to RIA PrimaMedia.

There were competitions of young guide-divers, the contest &ldquoKamchatka sun tan-2009&rdquo, large gala concert of creative groups of Kamchatka (&ldquoMango&rdquo, &ldquoLachah&rdquo, &ldquoRus&rsquo&rdquo, &ldquoKapriz&rdquo, etc), competitions drawings. Famous people of Kamchatka conducted bus tours for citizens guests of the peninsula.

The winner of the contest &ldquoKamchatka sun tan-2009&rdquo became Igor DOBROHVALOV, he was given a voucher to the Valley of geysers by the tourist holding company &ldquoKrai-Purga&rdquo. The second place was given to Valeriy GAVRILOV, he got a voucher for two persons to the recreation center &ldquoBel Kam Tour&rdquo. According to the winners they begin to get a tan at ski track of Kamchatka in February, the tan stay till the end of the year.

The participants of other contests were given wonderful prizes, including certificates for cruises in Avachinsk bay, by the companies &ldquoPacific-Network&rdquo &ldquoKamchatka Travel Group&rdquo, presents from the company &ldquoExpedition&rdquo, etc.

&ldquoTourism Days&rdquo were conducted from April 27 to May 3. The aim of the action is to make tourism more popular to attract tourists from other regions of the country to the territory.

Within &ldquoTourism Days&rdquo the inter-regional theoretical practical conference &ldquoSociety, tourism, service: experience, problems prospects of development&rdquo was held. There were free of charge tours of Petropavlovsk-kamchatskiy for all comers for pupils, students pensioners free cruises in Avachinsk bay were organized. There was a contest of songs composed by singer poets, workshops for young guides, GPS-orientation competitions. There were competitions for mountain guides in searching life-saving of people in mountains during avalanching.

There were informative lessons &ldquoKamchatka is a tourist territory&rdquo in schools, contest of children&rsquos paintings  school compositions &ldquoMy small motherl is Kamchatka&rdquo, open days in school museums. In universities colleges there was a contest of routs of the territory &ldquoThis is Kamchatka!&rdquo, contest of e-presentations &ldquoYouth routs of the territory&rdquo. There was a photo exhibition &ldquoHere begins Russia&rdquo book illustrated exhibition &ldquoUnique paths of Kamchatka&rdquo in the territorial library of S.Krashennikov.

There was a big sports holiday of downhill skiing tourism with workshops performed by the honored coaches of Russia Ludmila AGRANOVSKAYA Alexr KATALAGIN,  workshops of snowboard dealing with emergencies, exhibition snowboard performance with family relay race, funny downhill skiing in costumes other entertainments for people of all ages on the 2 of May in the center &ldquoEdelweiss&rdquo.

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