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On April 28 at the Korea Press Center , the Gangwon-do International Sports Committee appointed the world figure skating queen, Kim Yuna, as the first spokesperson for Pyeongchang&rsquos bid in hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Kim Yuna has already acted as a spokesperson for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics on two separate occasions has contributed greatly in letting the world know about Pyeongchang. 

She will once again support Pyeongchang in world competitions various events help publicize 2018 Pyeongchang to the world.In particular, Kim Yuna has won the 2009 World Figure Skating Championships is also a favorite to win gold in the 2010 Winter Olympics, will therefore give Pyeongchang an advantage in the Olympic bids, which was at a disadvantage to winter sport powerhouses in Europe because of the lack of a winter sports star. 

Furthermore, powered by the high popularity of Kim Yuna, it is expected that the national support for bidding for the Winter Olympics will also rise.At this occasion, Kim Yuna stated, &ldquoThe Winter Olympics was never yet hosted in Korea , so I hope that Pyeongchang will host it in order to show the world its beautiful nature also help develop winter sports in the nation.&rdquo 

She also added, &ldquoThough I will be competing in the Olympics in Vancouver , I hope the next generation will be able to compete comfortably in Pyeongchang.&rdquoGovernor of Gangwon-do, Kim Jin-sun, who was also present at the time explained, &ldquoThanks to Kim Yuna who is very influential even abroad, it has been proven that Korea is not a weak nation in winter sports. She will be a very strong ally reinforcement for us.&rdquo 

He also added, &ldquoI hope that she will be very active with us also participate in the Olympic bidding presentation to be held in 2011.&rdquo 

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