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[News]Kuching Open Bridge Congress

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The Sarawak Tourism Board today announced that the Kuching Open Bridge Congress will be held at the Telang Usan hotel on May 16th 17th 2009. 

The event which is expected to attract more than 50 bridge players to Kuching is the first of its kind in the city - it is to become an annual event. 

Bridge is a well established card game that is played worldwide as well as in Asia. 

The game is played in teams of twofour with winners being decided over two days of closely contested play. 

The Kuching event joins the Asian bridge calendar which features congresses other tournaments throughout the year in many different countries&lsquoWe are delighted to be hosting this exciting event warmly welcome the contestants to Kuching&rsquo said Gracie Geikie the Chief Executive of the Sarawak Tourism Board. 

&lsquoEvents of this sort are an important part of bringing Kuching its many attractions to the attention of a wider market&rsquo.&lsquoWe are very grateful to the Sarawak Tourism Board for acting as official host sponsor of the congress&rsquo said Patrick White, a former English county player Chairman of the Congress organizing committee. 

&lsquoThis event will not only put Kuching firmly on the bridge map but will hopefully attract more people to bridge in Kuching itself where regular beginners course are available weekly sessions held&rsquo.

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