Gangwon Korea

About Gangwon

one of the most popular vacation destinations in Korea among domestic tourists, due to its closeness to Seoul and its well-preserved natural environment. Indeed, Gangwon Province offers great conditions for travel all year around as it has bountiful tourism resources, such as refreshing forests and the sea in summer, snow-covered mountains and ski slopes in winter, and waves of flower blossoms and colorful leaves in spring and autumn. Taking advantage of its rich natural environment, many festivals are held in this province.

Tourist Attractions

Nami Islands
Nami Islands is a small island on the outskirts of Chuncheon city. It is a great place for taking a stroll with friends and loved ones. It is a filming site of a world-hit korean drama Winter Sonata 2002, and It is famous for its Metasequoia Road.
Winter Travel in Gangwon
Gangwon becomes a fantasy land of snow during the winter. Green forests are covered in dazzling white snow and mountains and valleys transform into beautiful ski slopes. Enjoy speeding through the wind and jumping into the blue sky! Gangwon, Asia’s most beautiful land of snow, and its fantastic ski resorts invite to the world of winter sports. (Alpensia Resort/ Bokwang Phoenix Park/ Daemyeong Vivaldi Park/ Elysian Gangchon/ Welli Hilli Park/ High 1 Ski Resort/ Oak Valley Snow Park/ O2 Resort/ Yongpyong Resort)
Ojukheon House
Ojukheon House is one of the oldest residential buildings in Korea. This is where Yulgok Yi I, a confucian scholar who founded the Neo-Confucianism of Joseon, was born and raised. The byeoldang(derached house) and sarangchae among other buildings demonstrate the architectural style of the early Joseon Dynasty.


International Mime Festival
Chuncheon International Mime Festival, which was born to popularize mime art, has been presenting original festival programs with both artistry and festivity beyond the stretch of its genre through collective motions and fusion of water and fire.
Sancheoneo Festival
When snow piles up and cold wind freezes rivers to ice, many tourists from all over Korea gather in Hwacheon city for trout catching fun. In addition, tourists can participate in sports like ice scoccer, sled contest, ice skating and have a special experience of appreciating giganticc ice sculptures.
Gangneung Danoje Festival
This is a local traditional ritual ceremony around Dano(the fifth day of the fifth month of the year in the lunar calendar). This Ceremony is started with the presenting liquor and serving ceremony to the Gods. This festival has been preserved for a thousand years, and its was designated a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2005.