Tuv Mongolia

About Tuv

Tuv province was founded in 1923. Main city is Zuunmod. It means 100 trees. The Zuunmod is situated in 45 km from Ulaanbaatar,the capital of the Mongolia. On the territory of Tuv Province, there are 54 tour agencies. Famous tourist destinations are the 13th Century National Park , Gorkhi-Terelj National Park , Hustai national Park, and Mongolian Secret History.

Tourist Attractions

Khustain Nuruu National Park
Khustain Nutuu National Park is one of the well known and prestigious special protected areas in Mongolia. According to the resolution by Mongolian Government, Hustai National Park Trust (hereinafter referred to as Hustai Center) is dealing the management of the Hustai National Park contracting with the Ministry of Nature and Environment. Hustai Center is operating to conserve ecosystems, biodiversity of the park and historical stone monuments, build up takhi population in the wildlife, organize national and international workshop and meetings, in other part, to develop eco tourism and support the local sustainable livelihoods in the buffer zone of the park since it was established in 2003. Unique wild horse – Takhi reintroduction project at Hustai National Park started in 1992. As the successful implementation of the project today we have over 220 takhi in the park.
Gobi Desert & Tour
This special tour is designed to bring you into the colorful event of the year letting you to discover a lifestyle, arts and music that reflect the true national identity and culture of Mongolian people. While touring in the Mongolia‘s heartland - a classic landscape of rolling hills, steppe, grasslands and mountain forests, you will enjoy the uniqueness of the nature and the peaceful lifestyle of nomads.


Naadam Festival
Naadam Festival is held annually between July 11-13, is thrilling three-day sporting event that has been happening for centuries since Chinggis Khaan time. Now it formally commemorates the 1921 revolution when Mongolia declared itself a free country. The festival highlights Mongolia’s “three manly sports”- horseracing, wrestling and archery. Naadam festival brings together country’s sporting men and women from the remotest regions to compete at the national level in capital city. It is also celebration of common people- herders who ride into town and urbanities who leave their flats and offices to watch the games- gathering where they have opportunity to participate in the events, to barter, mix, sing and enjoy life to the full.