Cultural Exchanges



The Boat Racing festival in Luang Prabang this year will be held in September 8th, it&rsquos often held in August in every year on the occasion of BOUN HOR KHAO PHA DAB DIN. But in general, the boat racing in Laos is normally held in October at the end of Buddhist lentBOUN ORK PHANSA.

Almost twenty boats join the race which is started since the early morning until late afternoon. People from all over the country as well as the tourists participate in this festival the race is often held in Nam Khan River where the Mekong Nam Khan meet as the finish point.

This is the merit making to the ancestors by preparing food bring them to the temples since very early morning. We believe that soulspirit is seeking for foodstuff other complementary, it happens once a year. If a member of any family is absent means the soulspirit of their ancestors would be hungry for a whole year another purpose is to thank giving to the lord of Buddha