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Tottori Shan Shan Festival 2011

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In Tottori Shan Shan festival, the main street in Tottori city is crowded with old young men women, dancing with decorated paper umbrellas with bells long hles. Bells echo through the street during this festival. It is a large festival with about 4,000 dancers.

This festival is said to have started about two hundred years ago, when a severe drought continued for a long period of time. An old man named Gorosaku kept on dancing in front of a guardian god until he died to save people from the drought. Now this dance is passed down as the  Shan Shan Festival, a famous summer festival in Tottori. People dance down the main streets with beautifully decorated paper umbrellas.

When       2011. 8. 6 - 15 
Where      Tottori, Japan
Contact    Tottori Prefecture 
TEL          81-857-26-7108