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The Halong Carnival 2011

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[Halong Festival 2011]  Ha Long Bay, located in the northern part of Vietnam, was enlisted  in the World Heritage list. The scene of two thous rocks in the bay has attracted tourists from all over the world.  

   "Ha Long" in Vietnamese means "Descending Dragon". The bay was named after a local legend which says that a Dragon descended from the sky spat out thousand of pearls when Viet Nam was being attacked by foreign ships. The pearls then became a multitude of small isle prevented the enemy from advancing further.

  The Halong Festival 2011  will be organized in the form of a carnival on the sea and will include a fireworks display. During the Festival, various activities will be held such as domestic and foreign art cultural performances from EATOF member provinces. 

When   : 2011. 4. 29 ~ 5. 2 
Where  : Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh, Vietnam 
Contact: Quang Ninh Provincial Government 
Phone  : 84-33-3-845-921