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Chiang Mai Songkran Festival 2011

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Featuring Lanna Thai New Year celebrations festivities at temples, the city gates around the city moat throughout the northern capital of Chiang Mai 


One of the best places to experience Songkran is in Chiang Mai, where it is celebrated on a gr scale with a flavour uniquely entirely its own, attracting visitors from far wide. 
This year, Songkran Thai New Year festivities scheduled for April 13-15, will be held at temples, in the vicinity of the city&rsquos gates around the city moat.


Devout Buddhists visit the temple for merit-making to listen to sermons. Lustral water is sprinkled on sacred Buddha images, such as the Phra Buddha Sihing image, also poured over the hs of monks in a gesture of reverence. Donations are also made to the temple. Enjoy traditional Thai cultural performances held in the temple ground.


One of the highlights of the festival is the ''''''''''''''''Songkran Beauty Queen Procession'''''''''''''''' that takes place on Songkran Day itself - April 13. Meanwhile, many other events leading up to the main attraction are spread over several days it is here that the visitor gets to see various aspects of Chiang Mai, first h, &mdash its culture, cuisine, arts crafts, as well as the friendly people.


Phra Buddha Sihing procession 
Buddha images bathing ritual 
Merit-making activities presentation of offerings to Buddhist monks 
&lsquoRot nam dum hua&rsquo bathing rituals as a gesture of respect to elderly relatives other respected individuals 
Lanna Thai cultural performances folk games 
S-stupa building contest 
Songkran water-splashing around the ancient city moat 
Chiang Mai Culture Street 
International Food Festival 
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