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Lao New Year(Pi Mai) 2011

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Lao New Year(PI MAI LAO )is always held in April from 13-15th of every year, the festival last for three days. The first of the three days is the last day of the old year. Due to the tradition, houses villages are properly tidy clean, perfume clean water mix with flowers are also prepared for washing home, Buddha images, monks soaking friends.

Mass of people gathering at the beach near by the river banks is brought to the temples ground for s stupas making in the purpose of making merit to worship  to the ancestors regards to the believe of the Laotian.

In Luang Prabang, the colorful parade is held on the main street to signify that the lunar new year is started, this parade is the symbolic of Lao New Year of Laos to attract the participants, no other provinces in Laos could do the same way.